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Acadiana Karate - Youngsville and Lafayette Martial Arts School

Little Ninjas

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Since 1978, Acadiana Karate has been teaching martial arts in the Acadiana area through the leadership of its founder, Shihan Pablo Mejia. At Acadiana Karate, we teach a mixed martial arts curriculum that has been time tested over many years which includes age appropriate classes which focus on character development, discipline, focus, concentration, self confidence, physical fitness, and reality based self defense. Our mixed martial arts curriculum teaches the traditional foundation of American Shotokan combined with real world self defense techniques including Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kempo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Verbal Self Defense techniques.

At Acadiana Karate, we believe in giving our students a complete and well rounded martial arts education that respects tradition but can also be applied in real life everyday situations. Shihan Pablo believes in continuing education through applying new and effective techniques in the Acadiana Karate curriculum to insure each student’s success in all aspects of their martial arts training.

At Acadiana Karate, we begin teaching classes at the age of 4 with our internationally recognized Little Ninjas program. Acadiana Karate was the first martial arts school in Louisiana to begin a pre K/Kindergarten age martial arts program to the Acadiana area in 1992. The nationally acclaimed curriculum focuses on the 8 major skills necessary for martial arts as well as focuses on how these skills will best suit your child in getting ready for school. Our kid’s program focuses on age appropriate self defense with our Verbal Judo Anti Bullying program. This program teaches our students how to resolve conflicts first in a non physical way and to create boundaries for future conflicts. The students further learn physical self defense skills necessary to defend themselves against both bullies and strangers. Finally at Acadiana Karate we teach our students how to set goals for themselves not only in the martial arts but in all aspects of their daily lives including at home and at school.

In our Teen and Adult program , we teach the traditional tenets of American Shotokan along with reality based self defense training including kickboxing, ground self defense, grappling and weapon training.

Finally, at Acadiana Karate, we believe martial arts education is a journey not a destination. The students learn valuable character traits of confidence, discipline, respect and leadership by persevering through a time tested curriculum that is challenging and inspiring. Our goal for each student is to challenge them to be the best they can be not only in martial arts but in life.


Lafayette : 337-233-8838
Youngsville : 337-856-3900

If you have any questions, our team is available to answer your calls over the phone during business hours.  Please feel free to call us about any of our programs.  We can’t wait to speak with you.