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Physical & Mental Health

This is an unprecedented time for all of us - but we have to make sure that our children stay healthy and mentally fit. This is the perfect opportunity for your child to put down the video games, and burn some energy!

Provides Normalcy

Being in uncharted territory means we have to be diligent on making sure our loved ones are receiving the normal "everyday" life that they have grown used to.

We offer a FULL Schedule for all Age groups (starting as young as 3!) to ensure that you can keep some normalcy in your child's life through these trying times.

Guidance from Mentors

These online courses are our way to combat any negative emotions your child may have by making them a part of our caring community.

Our certified instructors are here to offer guidance and wisdom to those who need it.

Our instructors are masters at creating a vision for your child that self-mastery is fun and rewarding.

We instill this vision through interactive and teamwork oriented games, drills and real world activities.

It takes a village to raise a child - we are that village.


Children need a structured routine.

In times like this it's important for children to stick to a routine. It helps them to stay focused and occupied with something they'll enjoy doing!

Our Online Trial provides the structure your child needs to remain disciplined, while having something fun to look forward to while they are stuck inside.


Grant has been an active member of Acadiana Karate for over three years. In those three short years, he has learned discipline, self confidence and his own self worth. He looks forward to going to class. No need to remind him of classes. He enjoys the extra programs and fun learning camps he can attend throughout the year. Always something new to learn from the outstanding staff who are always eager to help any student having a little difficulty in learning a new move. Grant had just received his white belt in 2016 and now on his way to meet his goal - His Black Belt!

- Nikki H.

We enrolled our son at Acadiana Karate in an attempt to help him gain confidence and learn to control his anxiety. As parents we want to give our children the best opportunities to support their growth, both mentally and physically, and Acadiana Karate has done just that. Their program is so much more than kicks and punches! The instructors deeply care about their students, and always remain supportive while maintaining a level of discipline. We are so happy to have found such a positive program for our son, and will continue to recommend the program!

- Erin R.

My 7 year old son showed instant improvement in his conduct at school after enrolling him. The school is perfect for children and has been around for over 40 years. Professional staff and instructors. Lots of good clear fun for the kids.

- Devin B.


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